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Deep Point Facility Parking

Daily Parkers - General Lot ($12/day)

When arriving at Deep Point you will need to first drop off your luggage/passengers at the ferry terminal and then enter the general lot. A parking ticket is issued from an electronic parking device when approaching the lot. You will need this ticket when exiting the lot, if you lose or damage the ticket a lost ticket fee will apply, NO refunds. Please be aware that risk of loss of parked vehicles and their contents is solely a risk to the vehicle owners. We are not responsible for theft, damage or loss to any vehicle or its contents.

Attention - Trailers and Oversized Vehicles

We cannot accomodate trailers and oversized vehicles in our gated lots. You must make special arrangements in advance with our Parking Staff at 910-457-7289.

Electric Vehicles

We have 4 charging stations located in the General lot. The charging stations are available on a first come, first served basis and are intended for vehicles needing a charge. VEHICLES MUST BE PLUGGED IN AT ALL TIMES to utilize the designated charging spaces. Any unplugged electric vehicles in these spaces are subject to towing at the owner’s expense.

Entry/Exit Terminals

How To Use Our Terminals Click Here.

Exit Pass Parkers

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Normal Parking Operations: 910-457-7289 or email
For Annual Pass Renewal Information email
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